Coffee break and shopping at Rialto Living

Rialto Living is a store and coffee bar in the city of Palma de Mallorca. On the same place there used to be a theatre called the Theatre Rialto and the store is named after the theatre. Klas Käll who has a history at Gant is one of the founders of Rialto Living. The store sells a wide range of interior design, clothes, accessories, gifts etc. The concept of Rialto Living reminds me of Moko market in Helsinki, Finland – both of the stores have a really nice coffee bar integrated in the store. During my resent trip to Palma I paid a visit to Rialto Living. I enjoyed their coffee bar and ended up doing some shopping at the store as well. The place is on a side street from Passeig del Born which is one of the shopping streets in Palma. From Passeig del Born you will find for example Louis Vuitton, Zara and Uterqüe. By the way if you are not familiar with Uterqüe I highly recommend it for those who like to shop at stores like Zara and Massimo Dutti.

Coffee break at Rialto Living

Rialto Living
Carrer Sant Feliu 3C
Palma de Mallorca, Spain


  1. This combined an interior design store and a coffee bar concept seems to be a very good idea, because in both cases the target group will most likely to be almost the same! You have lots of fascinating stories in your blog - I like it very much, thank you!

    1. It's handy to a coffee bar inside a store - shopping can exhausting :) Very glad to hear you like the stories, thank you!