Speciality coffee bars in libraries: Oieblikket and Democratic Coffee in Copenhagen

In Copenhagen I visited several great coffee bars and two of them were inside a library. One of them was Oieblikket coffee bar located in the Black Diamond - an extension to the Royal Library and a modern landmark of Copenhagen. The Black Diamond is indeed a black building facing the sea at the harbour front. The old part of the Royal library is connected to the Black Diamond with an atrium and the old and the new merge together amazingly well.  Oieblikket coffee bar is right in the entrance hall of the Black Diamond and has large windows with great views to the channels heading to the sea. Apart from the library and coffee bar, the building houses the National Museum of Photography, a bookshop, a roof-deck and a concert and theatre hall. Surely a place worth visiting while in Copenhagen.

Although the cafeteria has great views to enjoy with the coffee, this time I decided to have my coffee outside on the wooden benches facing the channel and waterfront. Together with the coffee I had a very healthy snack primarily made from nuts and seeds (a version of the Danish rugbread) – you know I am not always eating just cakes. The coffee served at Oieblikket comes from Estate coffee.

Per Kirkeby's stunning painting covers the ceiling of the Black Diamond.

At the Copenhagen Main Library (Hovedbiblioteket) in the city centre you find Democratic Coffee. This coffee bar is known for its good quality speciality coffees. The bar itself is quite small but more seats and tables are located in the library hall. Most customers at the Democratic Coffee seem to be students and other users of the library but I assume some coffee geeks go there as well. Their cappuccino tasted just right for me. 

at the Black Diamond/Royal Library
Søren Kierkegaards, Plads 1
Copenhagen, Denmark

Democratic Coffee
at the Copenhagen Main Library (Hovedbiblioteket)
Krystalgade 15
Copenhagen, Denmark

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