Love, sex, and lots of coffee

"Coffee can be good before, after, or instead of sex."
Anonymous coffee drinker  

The Le Méridien Hotels & Resorts commissioned a survey on global coffee and travel habits earlier this year. The survey found that coffee surpasses sex as the ideal wake-up call according to more than half (53%) of the global respondents. The study also established that coffee drinkers are addicted to this morning ritual as 54% of respondents make their morning brew right at home and 78% would rather give up alcohol, social media or sex with their spouse for a year rather than forfeit coffee. I guess this purely hypothetical question forced people to choose one over the other. Luckily in real life we don’t have to give up other parts of life for coffee but we can have both – coffee and sex with the spouse.The study is based on a survey of 7455 coffee drinkers from 6 different destinations: the United States, Dubai, China, France, German, and India. A summary of the study is available on Le Méridien’s website.

What was left for less attention in media was that the study also showed that coffee continues to be an increasingly important part of the travel experience. While travel usually provides a break from the daily routine, the survey shows that coffee also takes its place on-the-go, on average, people drink more coffee when they are away from home. Coffee traditions and flavours from around the world are so distinct that respondents also told they have experienced nostalgia for a destination due to the cup of coffee they enjoyed while traveling. Now this is a statement I can relate strongly, for a coffee lover like me coffee moments are highlights of travelling - I travel for coffee experiences.

Share your thoughts and tell me: how much do you love coffee? Would you give up sex, social media or alcohol for coffee in the morning? Anyone else a coffee tourist? How far have you traveled for a perfect cup of coffee?

The symbol of love - heart - is often seen on the surface of coffee drinks.

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