Almond Milk Cappuccino at 42Raw

Popularity of raw food has grown recently and more cafes and restaurants are nowadays serving also raw food and raw cakes. 42Raw is a raw food cafe in Copenhagen offering a contemporary interpretation of plant-based eating. Their philosophy is that food must be served in its most natural state. 

Personally I don’t follow any special diet but I am always interested in tasting new food and getting new taste experiences. In Copenhagen I was curious to try out 42Raw and especially taste their coffee. I had just had lunch before my visit and did not taste their meals – perhaps I should have, their food looked delicious. My order was then almond milk cappuccino and a hemp brownie. Both of them were exciting taste experiences. However, I was a bit surprised how strongly the almond milk dominated the taste and I would say the cappuccino was more an almond milk drink than a coffee drink. Surely a fantastic drink for almond milk fans but for me it might take a while to get used to it. Have you tried almond milk with coffee? 

Pilestraede 32
Copenhagen, Denmark

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