Cool Coffee Bars in Downtown Athens

First of all, Athens and its surroundings have numerous great cafes and the coffee culture is very vivid. Two exceptional coffee bars stand out in the city centre of Athens: Tailor Made and Taf Coffee. These two coffee bars are very cool and modern yet still have a unique local atmosphere and most importantly they serve high quality coffee.

Tailor Made Micro Roastery and Cocktail Bar

Plateia Agia Irini 2, Monastiraki
Athens, Greece

Tailor Made is an absolutely cool coffee (and cocktail) bar – a place for afternoon coffee and snacks during the day and cocktails at night. The place is beautifully made with natural colors and elements but what was in my opinion the absolutely coolest element was the brown leather aprons the baristas were wearing! The leather aprons highlighted nicely the craftsmanship of the barista work and I must say they looked very sexy too.

On our visit to Tailor Made we had ice-coffee, a regular cappuccino (fabulous!), a sandwich and a delicious raspberry cheesecake (in a jar). All of them tasted just right and were soon gone. Tailor Made also has its own micro roastery and I bought some coffee beans for home as well – I just could not resist their pink coffee packages of Ethiopian beans. You’ll see the pink coffee package soon on my Instagram and perhaps here on the blog as well.   

At Tailor Made's bar on the wall there is a carved mural of a man’s face. Later I found out the man is architect Ernst Ziller who in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was a major designer of royal and municipal buildings in Athens. 

Taf Coffee

Em. Benaki 7-9
Athens, Greece

Taf Coffee is famous for their roastery and baristas who have done well in the international coffee competitions (World Barista Championship and Brewers Cup). But that’s not all - the founder and CEO of Taf Coffee, Yiannis Taloumis, has received SCAE’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014. Based on all the recognition they have had they are truly committed to coffee at Taf. Naturally, when visiting Athens a cup of cappuccino at Taf was on my list! I visited their coffee shop right in the city center. Their roastery is located outside of Athens in an industrial suburb – hopefully next time I have the chance to visit the famous roastery as well.

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