Barista Training at Paulig Institute

Coffee keeps fascinating me. I am addicted to the taste of coffee but also the whole coffee culture interests me more and more all the time. Over the years I have traveled around the world and drunk different kind of coffee in so many memorable places. Many times I choose my holiday destinations just because of coffee and I always want to tour the local coffee shops. At home and at the office coffee is an essential part of my days. I have read books about coffee and bought different type of coffee makers to enjoy this wonderful drink. 

With a constantly growing need to learn more about coffee I decided to attend a professional barista training. The training was a one day course ”Barista basics” organized by the Paulig Institute at their head office and roastery in Vuosaari, Helsinki. The day started early but the sleepiness was soon gone due to the amazing morning coffee serving from the famous Paulig golden coffee cups! Honestly, it felt somewhat unreal drinking coffee from the iconic golden cups.  I must say I felt a little nervous holding the cup knowing that the cups (Arabia, Myrna) are exclusively made for Paulig and that they are now longer being made – you don’t want to drop a cup like that!
The training was divided in two parts: first theory lessons in the morning and then practical hands-on training in the afternoon. The theory part was a good introduction to where coffee comes from, how it it processed and roasted, and how good coffee is prepared. The day included also two cupping sessions.  

The practical training started with espresso brewing. After getting the espresso right it was time to move on to other espresso based drinks - cappuccino, caffe latte and latte macchiato. For these drinks it was important to learn how to prepare and pour the milk foam. Although I have an espresso machine at home it was very different to use the bigger professional machine. Actually with the right good machine it felt easier to get a good result. Well, except for the latte art – for that I still need some practice. Anyway it was so much fun making the cappuccinos that I could have continued the whole night! Other participants at the course seemed to feel the same since the trainers had to ask us to stop several times. The day ended with a practical lesson of the maintenance of the grinder and the espresso machine as clean machines are an absolute prerequisite for making good coffee. 
For the first round of cappuccinos the latte art was pretty "original" but at the end of the day the caffe latte and cappucinos looked a little more professional. 

Suomeksi (In Finnish)

Pauligin Baristan perusteet –kurssilla oppimassa lisää kahvista ja harjoittelemassa espresson, cappuccinon ja caffe latten oikeaoppista valmistusta. 

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  1. When I was younger I never really thought that being a barista would require much training, because I thought it was just making coffee. When my friend got a job at a coffee shop in high school though, she told me about all of the things you have to do, and I was overwhelmed just hearing about it. I think it's awesome that people put in so much time and energy to learn how to do this. It can have a huge impact in the long run, and I really hope people know that.