Helsinki Coffee Festival 2015

The first Helsinki Coffee Festival was organized over the weekend and let me tell you - I didn’t sleep that much last night. Apparently I had one too many cappuccinos at the festival and all the caffeine kept me awake. But there were so many wonderful coffees to taste that how could I have said no.

At the festival coffee roasteries mainly coming from Finland (from Helsinki to Rovaniemi) were presenting and serving their coffees prepared with different brewing methods. In addition to the roasteries other companies related to coffee making were present. The festival also had a nice program of coffee talks with interesting guests. The Speciality Coffee Association of Europe's (SCAE) Finnish Chapter also arranged the official Finnish Barista Championship and Brewers Cup finals at the festival.  

I absolutely loved the festival and hope this becomes an annual event to showcase the best roasteries and coffees, learn about the latest trends, meet people, and taste and share coffee in good company.

Cappuccinos made with special oat milk developed by Oatly.

Coffee books and magazines to read at Paulig's stand.

Hot discussion at the speaker's corner on how to become a coffee roaster and how not to burn down your roastery.

Loving this amazing fruity and sweet coffee by Turun kahvipaahtimo. 

Kattilahalli was a great location for the festival but maybe next year the festival needs a bigger space? Looking forward to the next Helsinki Coffee Festival!

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